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Service Description: The California Geological Survey published maps of Earthquake Shaking Potential for California in 1999 and has revised the maps following each update of the National Seismic Hazard Maps (NSHM). Similar to the NSHMs, the Earthquake Shaking Potential Maps for California depict expected intermediate period (1s or 1hz) ground motions with 2% exceedance probability in 50 years. Unlike the NSHMs, Earthquake Shaking Potential Map for California incorporates anticipated amplification of ground motions by local soil conditions. The current update of the Earthquake Shaking Potential Map for California (California Geological Survey Map Sheet 48) is based on the 2014 NSHMs developed by the United States Geological Survey (Petersen et al., 2014), a new map of the average shear wave velocity in the upper 30m of the earths surface for California (Wills et al., 2015), and a new semi-empirical nonlinear site amplification model (Seyhan and Stewart, 2014).

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Copyright Text: D. Branum, R. Chen, C. Wills (California Geological Survey); M. Petersen (United States Geological Survey).

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