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Service Description: This dataset is a digital version of the California Department of Conservation, Division of Oil Gas and Geothermal Resources Publication No. TR26, Onshore Oil & Gas Seeps in California, originally published in 1980. TR26 is a report of the research by DOGGR (at the time, DOG) of naturally occurring oil & gas seeps, current and historical. TR26 acknowledges that these natural features are transitory in occurrence; some that existed at some time in the past may now be permanently gone, new ones may come into existence, and some were never discovered. Thus, TR26, and this dataset, must be viewed as historical data, and not a definitive listing of the current number and location of natural oil and gas seeps in California.This feature class aggregates the tabular data presented in TR26, Chapter III by township, range, and section. Each polygon represents the boundaries of a Public Land Survey System Section in which seeps were listed in TR26, and are labeled with the seep count in the Section.

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Copyright Text: DOGGR, TR26, GIS data by Wes Turner

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